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About us


TAATAS Transport & Logistics keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

We are TAATAS Transport, Experienced trucking company operating in Jaffna and Colombo. Call 0777 15 7070.

We are based over the road transportation company. We service all of Sri lanka, and specialize in expedite full truckload and LTL freight. We are a service based company, we sell our transportation services to shippers, customers, brokers, etc. We also can provide dedicated service for your dedicated lanes if needed.

Our history

TAATAS TRANSPORT History back to Three decades before, as a goods transport service between small towns. In 1990, following on from nearly 30 years of work devoted to transport. The Later on Chairman decided to regroup the transport services under one name TAATAS TRANSPORT.

The modern system of TAATAS TRANSPORT came into effect in 2020. It was during this huge global pandemic time that professional transport companies were confronted with the awesome responsibility of delivering enormous supplies of food, medicine to remote locations. Management have built the company by imparting to all their employees’ values such as Quality work, Treat the customer with respect

Main goals

TAATAS TRANSPORT Aim is to provide the modernized and well reliable transportation service for the customers. Our Ultimate objective is to deliver every product to the destination without any damage or loss of value in the scheduled time.

Our core values are…

Safe Transportation Facility, Quality Shipping Transport through skilful labour , Competitive Rate Structure, Reliability and Availability.








Colombo, Jaffna Collection Centers

Collection centres are in Colombo and Jaffna to provide the place for storing the stocks for loading and unloading the goods

24/7 customer support

Online customer service is available for customers to reach out to us easily. Inquiries will be replied within one working day

Competitive Rate

An effective pricing strategy is implemented to benefit the customer by providing the best offer

100% Safe & On Time Delivery

Our one of the core values is to deliver the goods on scheduled time and we deliver the same product we received

Warehouse & Storage Solution Available

Paid storage facilities are available for different sizes and warehouses facilitate our transport customers to store the goods for a long time

Fully Insured Trucks & Lorries

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity


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